Shabby Chic Interior Design Basics

Shabby Chic Interior Design Basics

shabby-chic-decoratingThinking that you’d like to transform your house or apartment into a cosy, stylish, and adorable one? Then the shabby chic style of interior design is perfect for you, as it blends the traditional country-style furniture with the cute and elegant taste of modern simplicity. The following are 5 ways tips by which you can start deciding the appearance of your room, whether it be the kitchen, bedroom or living space.

1. Colours
When you’re aiming for a shabby chic style home, know that colours are not as crucial as the furniture, fabrics, and decoration. So stick to muted colours, and play around with different hues of whites and cremes. Soft greys and earthy colours work well fantastically, especially when accentuated through the cushions, window frames and other discreet details. If you just can’t help adding stronger colours, stay away from primary colours and go with vintage tones.

2. Fabrics
If you’re detail oriented, you’ll love this tip: the charm of this decor style lies in the small things, and that includes both the material and texture of your fabrics, as well as the color and patterns of it. Frills? Lace? Ruffles? Flowers? Organic outlines? Silk? Alternating bands of color? You can make each room of the house unique but matching in theme by tweaking the fabrics a little.

3. Flooring
The true classiness of a room lies in the flooring, so make it your priority. If you’re in doubt, go with the classic wooden panels or tiles in faded, muted colors. Marble can be more costly but will instantly boost the loveliness of your home, and you might also want to consider flooring that’s typically considered for outdoors, such as rustic-styled bricks. For the indecisive individual, adding large rugs that serve as statement pieces will give them more options. Adding your own touch by sandpapering wooden floors or painting flowery designs on the tiles are also fantastic ideas.

4. Furniture
For furniture, think big! Dressers, cabinets, couches, beds and drawers — make sure these are wooden, as it’s the best suited furniture texture. You can paint and sandpaper the pieces yourself, or rummage through vintage stores. Fancy handles or intricate detailing make all the difference, and will look especially great on oval mirrors, medicine cabinets and jewellery organisers. Obviously, we think you should get some of your main pieces from the online store at Dining Table and Chairs.

5. Your Own Touch
The best shabby and chic homes are those that feel and look cosy, which means that the more direct effort you put into redesigning your nest, the better it looks. Furniture catalogues and images are good references, but uniqueness matters more, so roll up your sleeves and bring out the buckets of paint. Paint flowers and plants across your wardrobe or bedside table, salvage a vintage headboard and build it into your bed’s frame, cut heart-shaped holes into your cabinets…the possibilities are endless as long as you look for them.