In Search of Shabby Chic

In Search of Shabby Chic

There are a number of possibilities available to you, when you want to find shabby chic. Whether it is new decor for your home, or simply trying to figure out what shabby chic looks like, there are several avenues to visit. At the most basic level, the use of shabby chic decor in the home, will refer to the ornamentation and specific style that you select, when adding a new flair and style to the space. Although may believe this means you have to visit antique shops and malls, this is not the case. If you have a good eye for the right decor, and what will blend in well in your home, it is possible to get that style, without the oldest, most antique styles out there.

Several reasons exist as to why one would be interested in the shabby chic style. For starters, some individuals don’t love the bright colors, metallic finishes, and bold design, with the latest, new furnishings being sold. These new styles really don’t withstand the test of time; they are popular one day, then the next there is something entirely new. With shabby chic, you have a timeless style, and one that will withstand the test of time for years to come. And, although there is a desire for antiques, and the attention to detail, with the right shabby chic pieces in place, you can get that same look and appeal, for a fraction of the price.

When it comes to shopping for shabby chic items, you do want brand new; but, distressed pieces, or those with some type of wear, are often the desired style, to mimic the aged look of antiques. A common style manufacturers take is to use several glazes of paint, then strip them off, to reveal the base layers. Not only will you get several years of use, from these new items, you will also attain the desired style. In some cases, glazes are even deliberately distorted or cracked, to provide that damaged appearance.

Shabby chic is also found in cloth pieces that you add to the home. Certain fabrics are capable of handling the wear and tear, but will last for years to come in your home.An example is the use of cotton and linen weaves; they look great, and create a soft touch in any room. These fabrics can take the strain and wear, and with the ideal decorative touches, provide a refined, shabby chic look, where they are used in the home. Silk can also withstand this wear and straining; it can be used in runners, table cloths, or curtains, for a fine decorative style in any room.

For home owners in search of new decor, and new furnishings for the home, should take a step back in time, and consider a simpler style. If you are after a classic look and style, shabby chic is going to deliver, and will provide that distinctive look throughout different areas of the home.